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Simple video player to watch your favorite YouTube music videos
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It is a simple video player for you to play back and enjoy your favorite YouTube videos. It allows you to add an unlimited number of favorites to it, so that you will not need to go back to YouTube and search for the same videos over and over again.

The possibility of bookmarking your favorite tracks and adding them to the program’s favorites tab is actually the only asset of the program. Everything else falls below the level of functionality offered by YouTube itself. The player could not be simpler – play and pause are the only playback controls you will find. Forget about the video quality selector, the progress bar, and pretty much everything else. Besides, unlike other similar players, UTPlayer does not include search capabilities. This means that you will need to open your browser, navigate to the YouTube site, perform your searches there, copy the URL provided for each video, and paste it into the player’s interface. This will then look for the given URL on YouTube and will retrieve and play back the selected video for you. Simple, but burdensome.

Even though it is a free tool, it offers very little. Without serious searching capabilities, comprehensive playback controls, and a wider video managing functionality, it will be difficult for any user to see the advantages of installing and using a tool such as UTPlayer.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to create your own playlists


  • Some copyrighted videos cannot be watched using this player
  • Lacks most of the playback controls available in YouTube's player
  • Requires you to search for your video on YouTube and paste the URL in the player
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